SUAACT maintains a small stock of "loaner" equipment, including protective equipment, training materials, and books.  All members are welcome to borrow these materials at any time. Place a booking here and we'll contact you to arrange pick-up on a game day.

To book for more than a single day, select booking type "Recurring", tick every day of the week, then set the start and end date to match the length of time you'd like to borrow the equipment.

Once you borrow equipment, it is your responsibility to keep it intact and usable by the next person.  Protective equipment should be washed (if possible) after a long-term loan, and always disinfected with alcohol wipes before returning.

Book: 101 Tips for Better Officiating
Book: Baseball Warnings & Ejections
Book: CCA Softball Umpires Manual 2016
Book: Game Assignments: Right People, Right Place, Right Time, The Right Way
Book: Inside Access: Advanced Softball Play-Calling Techniques
Book: MiLB Umpire Manual 2016
Book: Softball Game Intelligence: The Difference-Maker in Officiating
Book: Softball Umpiring Balls & Strikes: Get in the Zone
Book: The Power of Persuasive Officiating
Camera: Kaiser Baas X200
Camera: Motorcycle camera
Chestplate: Allstar foam umpires' chestplate with shoulder cups
Chestplate: Cooper UMP30 AIR
Chestplate: Diamond DCP-PRO Umpire Chestplate
Chestplate: Diamond iX3 Umpire Chest Protector
Chestplate: Easton catcher's chestplate (right-handed)
Chestplate: Falcon
Chestplate: X-Plate XP13 catcher's chestplate
Chestplate: X-Plate XP15 catcher's chestplate
Counter: Regent 4-wheel plastic
Leg guards: Easton adult catcher's leg guards
Leg guards: Easton intermediate catcher's leg guards
Leg guards: LGU1000-17 All-Star System Seven Single Knee Umpire Shin Guards
Leg guards: Louisville Slugger catcher's leggings
Leg guards: Wilson adult catcher's leggings
Leg guards: X-Plate catcher's leggings
Mask: Black catcher's helmet
Mask: MVP catcher's helmet
Mask: Reliance steel mask
Plate brush: Wooden, Easton

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