How to sign up

We use two systems to keep track of our membership and allocate games.  So, if you want to umpire in the ACT, you need to be registered in these systems. Fortunately, they're quite easy to use!

So, once you've been in touch with us and confirmed you want to join SUAACT, here's what you do next.

Revolutionise Sport

Firstly, we need you to sign up with Revolutionise Sport.  This is a membership management tool mandated by Softball Australia.  It's how they keep track of who is involved with softball in the country and make sure you're covered by the appropriate insurance.  To register under Revolutionise Sport, use the SUAACT registration link.  You will be prompted to pay SUAACT registration and insurance fees when you sign up.

After you sign up with Revolutionise Sport, you'll be emailed with a code you can use to register with Horizon Web Ref.

Be aware that if you also play or coach or otherwise do more than just umpiring, you might have already signed up to another organisation in RevSport, and already paid insurance.  That's not a problem!  But you need to be careful not to pay insurance twice:

  • If you umpire only, use the "Register" button on the SUAACT registration page.  This will prompt you to sign up and pay registration and insurance.
  • If you also need to register as a player or other participant, then finish your other registrations first.  Once you've signed up as a player and paid your insurance, go to the SUAACT registration page and use the "Renew" button.  This will allow you to also register with us without being charged insurance again.

Horizon Web Ref

Horizon Web Ref, or HWR, is a rostering tool that we use to assign you to games.  You need to have signed up to HWR to be visible to us when we're allocating.  To sign up, go to the HWR sign-up page and enter your details.  Use the association code that you were emailed after signing up with Revolutionise Sport, and select User Type "Official".

Once you're signed up in RevSport and HWR, you'll be ready to enter your availability and get assigned games!

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